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Calendar of live performances of #MDLoosemacg Lucian McGuiness, of Grand Moustache.

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Vintage Quartestra Cartoon Themes at Sydney Festival

  • Sydney Festival Garden Hyde Park Sydney, NSW Australia (map)

With the reverence and charm of a 19th Century parlour ensemble, Vintage Quartestra pay homage to some of the 20th Century's greatest, yet unsung, composers: those with Saturday morning cartoons as their muse. Consider for a moment the thrill and valor of the Spider-Man, Transformers and Astro Boy themes, the memorable jigs of Maisy and Spongebob Squarepants, or the exuberance and innocence of My Secret Valley, or the Smurfs.

Featuring Justin Fermino (Cope St Parade), Sam Golding (Sousaphonics), Lara Goodridge (Baby et Lulu), Mark Harris (Lah-Lah), and arranged by Lucian McGuiness.

Friday 9 January - Parramatta Opening Party

Tues 20 Jan – Sun 25 Jan – in the Festival Village as part of Children’s Week