With a cast of Sydney’s sexiest musicians, a bump ‘n’ grind of burlesque beauties, and a scorching soundtrack straight from the west coast of 1950s USA, Little Egypt’s Speakeasy is the excuse you've been looking for to truly let your hair down.
Unlike any other musical cabaret experiences, the show has been hand crafted to inspire the most powerful performances, and encourage more from the audience – Little Egypt’s Speakeasy is as much of a revelation for the cast of characters as for those experiencing it, giving the audience permission to be as involved as they long to be, and the performers the chance to revel in the inherent sensuality of the music.

"The script is clever, amusing and mood-enhancing. The musos, singers and performers are blow your mind brilliant. The songs hand together as in too few shows. This is almost a whole new genre of musical theatre. And absolutely world class." - australianstage.com.au